What is Spiritual Healing

What is spiritual Healing?

We believe that humankind is essentially spiritual, being a composition of Spirit, Mind and Body, and as such is subject to God’s perfect laws which govern all life. Therefore, it follows that the source of spiritual healing is God. Good health is a state of spiritual and physical harmony. Ill-health occurs when this balance becomes disturbed.

We believe the purpose of spiritual healing is to stimulate humankind’s latent divinity so that all may live in harmony with God’s laws and automatically reaping the results and fulfils the reason for earthly life. Spiritual healing helps to accomplish the divine intention for man’s spiritual progress.

Spiritual healing is the result of law-governed healing forces that induce change. It is a law that harmony must exist between transmission of a force and its conscious or unconscious reception. Furthermore, the receiver must be in attunement with the transmitter. The healing forces emanate from a non-physical realm; therefore, they are not physical, but through healership are transformed into physical effects.

Every person has a spiritual nature which can be in attunement with God’s spiritual laws. A spiritual healer’s task is to develop his or her healing gift so that they become a vehicle for a clear transmission of healing energy.