Sue Boyle

Sue has been channeling & healing for over 25 years. These readings are done in a semi-trance state. The guide’s voice, mannerisms, & facial expressions will be manifested. This allows spirit to give the reading direct to you and answer any questions you may want answered. Sue acts as a ‘door’ to the spirit levels, working with her own guides. Bookings are essential.
Contact Sue for any inquiries and bookings.
04 9342629

Private channeled readings
All private sessions are recorded and you will have an opportunity to talk to the guide direct for any questions you may have. The session lasts for as long as it takes. 

All recordings of the readings are kept on file for a day in case you lose your cd then are deleted. All readings are confidential and no names or content disclosed to another party.

Group channeled readings
Group sessions can also be booked for an ‘Evening with Spirit’ in your own home. A wonderful opportunity to listen too, gain knowledge and ask your own questions to the guide direct. Sessions will last as long as necessary, usually 1-1.30 hours.

Spiritual healing
Healing is available from the spirit guides of Sue.

House cleansing, blessing & entity removal service
House cleansing, blessing and entity removal is done in partnership with Margaret and the spirit guides. We clear atmospheres and those entities earthbound are sent on to the Light.

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