Robyn-Lynn Webster

"My Passion is to live authentically. To trust my inner wisdom and live in the moment. I am committed to help you do the same through the services I offer here."
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Reconnective Healing Practitioner
Is healing with a new frequency of light and information. Creates emotional & physical shifts. Cleansers, renews and balances your cells. It has the potential to heal us on all levels. It is facilitated hands-off while you relax on a massage table. Generally 1-3 sessions recommended. Distance healing and healing for pets is also available.

The Reconnection
This is a set of hand movements over the body that activate new axitonal lines through the body connecting you to the earths axitional lines and out to the star system and universe beyond. It reconnects you back to your original blueprint. Giving you greater awareness of what you are creating in your life. This is a once in a life time process and is often life changing. Accelerating you on your life path.

Life Awareness Coaching
This is teaching you to look on the inside at your beliefs. We can retrain our minds to easily change our beliefs. We are able to change our lives from the inside out. You do not need to go back and change your past. You need only live intentionally in the now.
When we are aware of what we are thinking and accept what needs to change, we can then take creative action steps to support the new beliefs we choose to have. We can change our world from the inside out.
I'm here to support you to transcend your negative thought forms. Helping you to see life in a whole new way.

SESSIONS available in Kapiti, Petone and the Oasis Centre by appointment. Phone 021 807 371 or email

Angel & Tarot Card Reader
I offer card readings face to face or by email. I am a certified Angel Card reader through Doreen Virtue. I enjoy the wisdom these cards offer. They confirm the path you are on and give options for making new choices, and help you see other possibilities and opportunities.

Gateway Dreaming Practitioner
Have you ever woken up remembering a dream so clearly that it left you wondering what it meant. I am a certified Gateway Dreaming Practitioner, through Denise Linn. I take individual sessions for people wanting to understand their dreams or incubate new dreams into reality. I also run a 12week dream course for groups of four or more. If you would like to run a group give me a call and to discuss this.

Meditation Coach
My journey to discover happiness lead me a number of years ago to meditation. Through daily practice of meditation I have developed an inner peace. I no longer react to my thoughts and emotions automatically, I have created space to stop first and decide weather to act or not. I run weekly classes to pass these tools onto others. Call to find out current times.
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