Robert Ritchie

"I consider my self a Healing facilitator not the Healer. 
When facilitating, I ask that I stand aside allowing the Universal Energy to flow through me unimpeded, uninterrupted, pure Universal Energy and being the Clear Channel for the highest and best
for those I channel for.
I consider It always a Honour and Privilege to channel people's Devine
Sacred Energy and needless to say done with total respect.
Always searching for improving / advancing to bring through the best for those I meet. When I retire to be full time facilitating.
I believe it is my Spiritual journey to channel and done with a passion"

Email Me
(04) 5636991 | 027 3009631

Spiritual Healer NZFSH (Inc)
Spiritual Healing is a healing modality where I the practitioner act's as a clear channel for the healing energy to come through. Spiritual Healing is an effective method to bring about a deep relaxing, enjoyable and harmonious healing and in some cases it will deal with the emotional release that is required at the time.

Reiki Master
Reiki is a natural safe and simple form of healing. Reiki energy is available to anyone, and once you are attuned to the Reiki energy, you are able to help yourself and others by placing your hands on different areas of the body, with the intention of giving Reiki. The energy will aways flow, the energy of Reiki works for the highest good.

Oasis Volunteer
Voluntary Oasis Healer which I have been doing for the last 8 years.

Small Healing Room in Stokes Valley
Just recently I have renovated a Healing room in Stokes Valley at my property. If you live in the area or wish to contact me feel free to do so. I see people by appointment.

Bars Practitioner
Bars is a relaxing energy treatment that can positively change your relationship to stress, going to the source of judgements blocks and limitations. Bars treatment is all done without any conscious need for you to be involved in the process.