Judith Anne Watson

I am available for Indian Head Massage, Back, Neck and shoulder Massage, Foot massage, Full Body Massage, Body readings with energy work, Reiki healing, Seichim, SKHM, Quan Yin healing, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Healing, Energy Balancing. What ever takes your fancy.
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Indian Head Massage
Indian Head massage is an excellent therapy for relieving pain and stiffness from the muscles of the face, scalp, neck, upper back to the shoulders. Gentle Indian Head massage can help you relax as tension and knots are slowly eased out.

Reiki hands on healing relieves stress and tension. Reiki balance of the chakra energy revitalises and regenerates. Reiki is benefical for the body,mind and spirit. It can help in the relief of chronic pain. With the help of Reiki you can discover how to better harmonize the beauty and wholeness of the Inner Self. Reiki is the energy of pure love.

Crystal Healing
"Crystals and gemstones are the strongest, most concerntrated containers of the healing force, or life force, on the plant. Once people know how to use this healing energy, they will make huge advances in the field of medicine and the healing arts, as well as in their own spiritual growth"
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