Frankie Schmid

“My passion is healing and restoring balance to my clients, our environment and Earth by bringing in light and the highest source of universal energies with integrity and compassion. I am a Certified Practitioner of EDINA Energy Medicine and also use crystals and tuning forks to balance and heal chakras and body energy systems. I am a Diploma Zen Shiatsu Practitioner, incorporating Healing Shiatsu, and Reiki Master Healer and I do Shamanic journey work. I have a Diploma in Counselling, Certification as Interactive Drawing Therapist (an art therapy to help release emotions), I have done meditation and yoga since my early twenties, practised Tai Chi and Qi Gong and have taught meditation, relaxation techniques, art therapy and Tai Chi to groups.”
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What Is EDINA?
EDINA has been brought back to Earth in its current form since 2007. EDINA is a very powerful healing system as it works upon the Lightbody directly. The practitioner connects to the EDINA energies and then follows the protocol as to which techniques from the EDINA cache to utilize for that particular client. EDINA energy medicine works on our clients in the expanded realms and in aligning with energies from 12th density beings, who gently assist throughout the healing session, while at the same time the practitioner is working in the third/fourth densities (or dimensions).  This light/energy is also emitted through the palms of the initiate’s hands, similar to other energy medicine forms such as Reiki.
Energy medicine is a spiritual technology which uses Consciousness. This is nothing new. The ancients used energy medicine to heal, but western civilization lost the memory of these forms of healing. One ancient form is gaining wide acceptance as well, and that is Shamanism. EDINA is a form of Shamanism for the 21st century and beyond.
EDINA balances the client’s energies to allow resonance with the true inner core. This method utilizes ancient shamanic techniques in tandem with sacred geometry, sound and light frequencies for healing the Lightbody, and techniques from medical chi gong, all of which in turn affect healing on all levels of the physical body, mind and spirit. The supportive changes and effects from the sessions are cumulative, and build upon each other to positively impact the life of the client.

What is Zen Shiatsu?
Zen Shiatsu is a healing modality originating from Japan and is also based on Chinese Medicine, working with the body meridian system (energy channels) and five element theory. The client is fully dressed in comfortable clothes and through gentle pressure along the meridian system and gentle stretches the practitioner guides the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual body of the client into balance and to restore health to the organs and the natural working of our body systems by dissolving blocks and therefore allowing free flow of body energy.

Shamanic Journey Work
Through Shamanic Journey work, we can access dreams to help find meanings and we can use a journey to retrieve a client’s power animal to restore power, and use a journey for healing and access our innate wisdom.