Chritine Keno

Christine is a Registered Homeopath and graduated from the Wellington College of Homeopathy, with an NZQA National Diploma of Homeopathy, in 2007.
What is Homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a system of natural healthcare that has been used worldwide for over 200 years.

Homeopathy treats each person as a unique individual with the aim of stimulating their own healing ability. A homeopath selects the most appropriate medicine based on the individual's specific symptoms and personal level of health.

My objective as a homeopath is to find the least intrusive way for your system to reclaim health.

During a consultation we are exploring the ways in which you express being ‘out of balance’ and how these different symptoms affect you. The consultation is comprehensive and includes your full personal and family health history.  Any remedy prescribed is individualised to you and the specific way in which your system is expressing dis-ease.

There are thousands of possible homeopathic remedies, made from plants, minerals, animals, disease products and other substances. They are made through a process of serial dilution and succussion.  This process of potentisation, releases the energetic potential of the substance. When the remedy you take is an accurate energetic reflection of the totality of your state of being – the simillimum – it acts to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism.  We seek to prescribe the minimum dosage of the remedy that is needed to achieve this objective.

At the end of the consultation a very subtle form of muscle testing is used where we tune into the energy system of another person to detect subtle changes in their arm muscle. When someone’s system is out of balance this energy flow is interrupted. We test different remedies to identify those that resonate and will support the system to health.

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Clinic locations: Upper Hutt - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
33 Milton Street
Upper Hutt
(04) 5277001
(027) 2748250

There is free parking available.

If you are having trouble booking an appointment, or you can't find a time that suits, then please contact me direct
Opening hours: 9am to 5.30pm

Pricing: Adult initial consultation 120 mins $120
Child initial consultation 90 mins $80
(15yrs and under)
Adult follow-up sessions 45 mins $60
Child follow-up session 45 mins $50
Cancellation policy: 24 hours notice is required for cancellations

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