Angela Rinaldi

Angela works with, and channels surgeon healing Guides from different dimensions when doing vibrational energy healing and is able to connect with the richest and deepest healing energies in the Universe.

For enquires and appointments
Phone: 022 413 9369 Wellington NZ
Facebook Page: Heavenly Touches


Aura/Soul Drawing with Akashic Record Reading
Angela see's with her physical eyes your aura and soul. Communicates directly with your soul, Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones to help you take steps in your life. Start living your life purpose, with spiritual truth and meaning.

Psychic/Medium Reading
To bring uplifting knowledge about what happens in the Spirit World. Proof of survival that our loved ones keep on living and walk beside us.

Spiritual Teacher
Helping you open up your psychic abilities when Angela channels her Spirit Guides in intuition training in private or group sessions.

Vibrational Energy Healing
Angela is a clear channel for her healing Guides to bring through the richest and deepest healing energies in the Universe to reconnect the magnetic systems in your aura, chakra, meridian system and other energy systems in you and around you in your extended field.

Soul Empowerment Workshops
Angela works with all her light beings to bring a deeper understanding, expanding awareness in your consciousness with different workshops that will bring great spiritual power from your higher self, Angels and Guides to help in your life journey.

House Energy Clearing
Homes, properties, offices and different types of spaces.
I work with my Guides to remove negative energies, earthbound and lost spirits. We send them back home to Spirit World. Energy healing and protection is given at the end of the clearing.

Soul Therapist
Bringing deeper wisdom about your soul, from past lives, to this life. Letting go of unresolved emotions, moving forward in your spiritual truth, and learn more with steps to improve your life journey.
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